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Being dead would be pretty awful, and getting there would also be quite bad. These are the main things that keep me alive, because I extremely hate being me, which is unfortunately my only option.

Oh my fucking god Clone Wars was on Netflix yesterday and now it's gone. I had like two episodes left.

The leftist voting base used to be workers and progressives, but now it's thirty-two cis het white dudes jacking off while they get angry at each other about Vladimir Lenin being a center-right liberal

Another kid was watching League of Legends videos and I told him that the League of Legends or Dota 2 videos or whatever needed to wait until after school. He confirmed it was LoL and I apologized for insulting him by implying he enjoys Dota. He laughed.

On Friday a student said "This bitch empty, YEET *mime tossing a bottle*" and I responded "Watch your mouth or I'm going to yeet you into the dean's office"

It's GREAT but it would've been better if I hadn't seen the second trailer

Brightburn might be fun. I'm tired of evil Superman stories, but I've never seen one as a Bad Seed story before.

The Dead Don't Die is gonna be excellent.

Child's Play also looks good. Ready to be the only one who sees it.

The Curse of La Llorona is one I'm unsure about. Producers liked it enough to give the director The Conjuring 3, but it looks so generic.

Rocketman is a weird one to have a trailer for here.

Okay movie is now BYE

Okay Pet Sematary time. I hate Dolby Cinema seating layout in this theater. I was spoiled by stadium seating in Jersey.

First trailer is the second (?) Endgame one and boy I'm pumped for that fucking movie.

Lucy In The Sky looks fucking incredible. I'm expecting it to make my top five year. Noah Hawley rules.

Ma looks fun. I'm looking forward to it. It looks like a fake movie, like a joke in another movie.

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I liked SHAZAM! but not as much as Aquaman

Oh here we go, IMAX trailers will have the superhero shit.

I'm right!! Hellboy. Did we need an origin story again?

Spider-Man. I wonder if the rumors are right about Stan Lee not having been healthy enough to cameo in this one. 😢

Dark Phoenix looks bad, but Sophie Turner is probably going to do a great job.

New IMAX-exclusive Godzilla 2 trailer. This movie looks fuckin dope.

Okay movie time bye.

Trailers started real quick.

Missing Link. Eh.

Dora. The powerful sexual tension between Dora and Diego is extremely uncomfortable. This movie looks p fun tho. I really enjoy that the other kids are exasperated by her adventure horseshit.

Secret Life of Pets 2. Is... is SHAZAM! a children's movie??

I got a drink for one dollar and eight cents because I had a five dollars reward

Going to see SHAZAM! and Pet Sematary today, so be ready for a trailer thread.

When I was a skater boy, I talked like a skater boy, thought like a skater boy, and reasoned like a skater boy. When I became a skater man, I put the ways of skater boyhood behind me.

Land lords literally do nothing. They "maintain" the building but it's all outsourced work. They also did not build the building and therefore do not "own" it. Landlords are useless leeches. People harp on others for not being productive but landlords do fuck all

1st day on Mastodon: hi everyone, I'm interested in art, architecture, and cat pics!! 😊

3rd day on Mastodon: gonna find bigfoot and fuck him

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