It's been 20 years since the Columbine shooting and not a single god-damned thing about the world is better enough to prevent the dozens of similar disasters we experience every year


1. Advertising shits in your head, it is a form of visual and psychological pollution.

2. Removing/Replacing/Defacing advertising is not vandalism, it is an act of tidying up that is both legally and morally defensible.

3. The Visual Realm is a Public Realm, it is part of the commons, it belongs to everyone, so nobody should be able to own it.

4. Outdoor Advertising can and should be banned, Sao Paulo did it in 2006, Grenoble followed suit in 2015.

I've started reading Rucka's Wolverine run from 2003. Darrick Robertson draws him so well. This is how I've wanted to see Wolverine portrayed in film: Small, ugly, feral, distorted. Logan got close, but Jackman is still extremely tall and handsome. Gimme someone short and mean.

My roommate just reminded me about Crashbox and it awoke something in me

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Gonna go see The Curse of La Llorona on Friday morning

Cyborg has a friend on Young Justice voiced by the guy who voices Cyborg on Teen Titans. Also Cyborg wears his Smallville hoodie. Also it's really stupid that he thinks he has to give up his career and life, as if nobody with a prosthetic arm ever went to college.

some people die of "mysterious circumstances," but we all live of mysterious circumstances

*expression sours further* Uh.... great piano is my fun nickname for.......... trumpets??

I try to avoid saying people are smart, because smart is worth fuck-all if you're not thoughtful about what you say and how you treat others

At this rate, I would lose a pound a month. Gonna have to make some big changes to hit my goals, but this was a good start to the process.

I'm infinitely tired, but my friend from far away is visiting in July and it's almost spring break

i love the covers of these two books because they both interpreted the source material in the ugliest possible way. Jon looks like Fabio and I don't even want to think about Gollum

Started counting calories so I can work on my portion control and fitness. Ended up using 130 more calories than I consumed today.

I live for the rehabilitation of the racist Super Friends characters. They're just misguided attempts at diversity, so it's actually a great idea to salvage what they can.

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1. Be cool 2. C'mooooooooon 3. Niiice